Every year, summer and winter, we have clearance sales — grand affairs with simply exquisite stuff seriously on sale. In some rare and wonderful cases, items are marked down to like thirty cents on the dollar. On sale days, you can stand back and watch how bargains like that play out in our parking lot. Just try to find a close-enough spot. We defy you.

We also host the occasional special event or two, but we only do that when: A, we truly believe that it's necessary to do so, and, B, we damn well feel like it. Otherwise forget it. It's a no go.


It’s not all sunbathing and craft beer. Nope. Summertime is more than just that. There’s one holy humdinger of a sale to prepare for. About the time the first Taber corn appears, we start assembling the array, selecting items and marking prices down.

On the day in question, we throw open the doors and the mailing-list customers pile in. They’ve been waiting outside, pressing their greasy noses against the glass, and it’s a feeding frenzy. Think choice cuts of lamb and packs of starving wolves and you get the idea. They hear about the sale a week or so in advance and they’re a cagy lot. They know the exceptional stuff always goes first.

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We used to start our Boxing Day sales at some ungodly hour on Boxing Day, then it dawned on us — we don’t have to. Not ever. No one is holding guns to our heads. We can sleep in and relax, hanging out with friends and family, till the world returns to something resembling normal.

So, instead of crack-of-dawn, big-kafuffle sales, with shrieking and hair pulling, and people getting trampled, we host our sales a couple of weeks later, mid-January-like, when the dust’s had a chance to settle. The bargains are exactly the same: a store full of brand-name men’s fashions, priced, in some cases, up to seventy percent off. What you won’t find is any of that hard-sell lunacy.

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Twice-yearly sales aren’t the only exceptional things we do. Occasionally, when the spirit moves us, we also host special events. These things generally happen in the spring or fall and, in the past, there have been all manner of shenanigans: trade-ins, where you bring us oldies and we give you goodies, twice-the-trousers, where two legs are good but four better, and Celebrations of All Things Canadian, where we stand on guard for thee.

It’s always something different. We make a real effort to mix things up, just to keep people on your toes. But you’ll never learn about any of it without becoming a mailing-list customer.

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