Gather ye ‘round. Learn more about Eddie’s Men’s Wear, its environs, the people concerned and the history thereof. Laugh, weep and yearn, and be sorely amazed.


Eddie’s story starts in the winter of 1957 with Barrett and Olsen, a venerable haberdashery a half-block south of Whyte Avenue on 103rd Street

When sales were slow, Ted Olsen used to nap in this huge armchair alongside the cash register. You’d find him there, sawing logs, except one morning they found him and he wasn’t sawing anything — he was dead. A few months later, Barrett put the store up for sale and, somehow, young Edward Klapstein managed to scrape together enough for a down payment. He bought them out lock, stock and armchair.

It was the summer of 1958 and Eddie’s Men’s Wear was born.


A couple of years later, in the summer of 1960, Eddie’s Men’s Wear moved less than a block away.
The store was so small it was like a Henny Youngman one-liner. You could stand in the middle, stretch your arms out and touch both walls. Eddie stayed there for a couple of years till he moved again, down the block a ways, next to Prudham’s Lumber on 104th Street. That was home for precisely the next 40 years.

The store grew. Prudham’s went the way of the dodo. Skinny pants went in and out of style. Earl signed on and the world turned.


In 2002, Eddie’s built a brand new store on the corner of 54th Avenue and 104th Street and it was a huge deal. All of a sudden there was this shiny, new facility with pristine racking and lighting, all the amenities and lots of free parking.

Eddie, Earl and family were in a good place, all moved in by Canada Day — 40 years, to the day, from the opening of the Prudham’s store. Champagne was quaffed; canapés snarfed.

Clocks ticked. A decade and thensome skipped by and, to this very day, Eddie’s Men’s Wear is still there. It endures like common sense and good taste, and every day is like life as usual, with all its joys and sorrows, except in way nicer clothes.

And, of course, being stand-up guys, we’ve given back to the community the whole time, generously supporting charities like the Mustard Seed Church and Youth Emergency Shelter.

2018 is our Diamond Jubilee—we've been in business for 60 years.