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a special emphasis on menswear of
Canadian manufacture.



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Generations of Gentlemen

January 4 – Up to 70% Off
When you visit Eddie’s Ready Steady Eddie Sale, you are following in the handsome footsteps of dashing gents far and wide. Fashion has evolved, but our approach to quality and craftsmanship remains steadfast. Get it all at a price that would make your pop-pop proud.

WHAT: Eddie’s Annual Ready Steady Eddie Sale
WHEN: January 4 – Doors open at 9 am
WHY: New Year. New You.

Visit us on Calgary Trail - Just south of normal.

New Year’s Hours
January 1: Closed
January 2: Open 9 am – 7 pm
January 3: Closed (We’ll be setting up the sale)
January 4: BIG SALE Open 9 am – 5 pm


These guys do not compromise, ever. They’ve been making first-quality suits, jackets and trousers since prohibition and, being Montreal-based and all, they’re as Canadian as whiskey. read more


If you’ve ever tried on a Jack Victor suit, you know what we’re talking about. Quality is consistently legendary, just as it’s been for the last hundred years. Design, cut, fit, materials and manufacture, the whole Nanaimo bar, is on par with... go there


(By appointment to H. R. H. the Duke of Edinburgh)

Arguably, the world’s finest in gentleman’s toiletries, all of which you will find displayed accordingly, under glass, at our front counter. continue


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