What do The People of Ed do when they’re not on the floor, helping men look good in suits?
The complete answer could very well amaze you.


Fit is the most important but most overlooked aspect of dressing well. When your clothes hang properly, you look fitter, younger, stronger and smarter. Just ask your mirror.

We encourage all our customers to employ the superpowers of Raul, our tailor. He makes everyone look good — you let it all hang out and he makes it all go away, and we all make out like masters of illusion.

Seriously, it’s painless and it makes all the difference in the world.

On the other hand, with all due respect, we reserve the right to say no. Tailoring is one thing but miraculously resurrecting some manky old relic from the bowels of somebody's closet is something else entirely. This is, after all, the real world we're talking about.


If off-the-rack won’t work — call us. Make an appointment. We can handcraft something all your own. Pick and choose from amongst the finest fabrics in the civilized world and get yourself something truly outstanding.

We’ll make sure that every detail is just so: the fit, the fabric, the flow and the thousand and one other things that go into every custom-made garment. And, unless you’re completely reinventing the wheel, once we’ve cut one pattern to your precise measurements, the next one is just that much easier. Your next bespoke suit, shirt, jacket, trousers or whatever is only an order away.


Call us. If it’s not too ridiculous, we’ll keep the store open just for you. You’ll have a magnificent array of menswear all to yourself, a ticking clock, an obligation, and someone you very likely know on only a professional level attending to your every need.


Let us into your closet and we’ll sort things out. We’ll advise you on what should go, what should stay and how to make the best of everything that remains.

Of course, we base our assessments on decades of experience, an exhaustive knowledge of contemporary men’s fashion and your own, personal taste. When we’ve eliminated the non-functioning items and slotted in whatever’s necessary to complete the puzzle, you’ll have an integrated set of clothes you can mix and match to suit any occasion.


If we don’t have the right size, color or whatever it is in stock, we’ll order it for you. Be warned, however. Sometimes things don’t work out, or they take more than a few weeks, nonetheless you have our word: if it’s humanly possible, we will move heaven and earth to get you exactly what you want.

If you simply must have it this instant and rush delivery charges apply, they’re your responsibility. You’ll have to pay the piper. If you’re a patient man, however, and can wait for things to run their course, then there’s no extra charge.


It’s impossible to buy gifts for some people. They already have everything, or you can’t guess what they’d like, or it’s something, whatever — who knows?

Thankfully, there are Eddie’s Gift Certificates in the world. They’re like bank drafts, printed on good, old-fashioned paper and inscribed by hand, with no stale-date, good for as long as there’s an Eddie’s. Best of all, however, they're the easy way out — a win-win situation. Your special someone gets what they want and you come off smelling like roses.